Having sex, and watching sex, have always been taboo. Since it hasn’t changed for hundreds of years, it is very unlikely to change in the near future. That’s why our idea was to find a way for people to talk about it, encourage them to share their desires, and in this way help them break their barriers.


The whole campaign is built around the word “nothing.” It is this common pronoun that often serves us to disguise our true needs and desires. Now, we want it to become, in a funny way and through PornHub, an international catchphrase of the type: “if you know what I mean.”


Our goal is to make people refer to this advertising campaign and recall it every day, sort of casually, in different everyday situations (“What are you thinking about?” – “Nothing”; “What can I do to persuade you?” –“Nothing”; “What are you doing this weekend?” – “Nothing” – “Mmmm, shall we do nothing together?”).

In other words: we want to endow the word “nothing” with a new meaning so that people can refer to PornHub and lovemaking without embarrassment.

This campaign is more than just an ad of the PornHub web site. This campaign will encourage people to break their shyness and other barriers. It will give more confidence to those who want to make love but don’t have the courage to admit it openly. And, last but not least, it will provide people with a large dose of humor and fun in their everyday, mundane – especially work-related! – situations. (“Anything left to do today, Boss?” – “Nothing.”)

In this way, the emotional bond with the PornHub trademark will become stronger, based on the most pleasurable human sensations and emotions.


The characters on the poster can “talk” to each other irrespective of the medium. Hence the campaign can be realized in the printed media, on television (as animation), as well as on the radio and Internet.

The campaign can be of a long-term character. The examples of everyday conversations given above, and other similar examples, will provide material for successive posters and radio or television commercials.

What’s more, new competitions can be held for new lines to be spoken by the characters.

NOTE: After publishing, our poster began to live its own life on some major Polish and international web sites – the Internet users caught up our idea in a natural way and started adding their own “lines” and remake the graphics. This indicates that our campaign has got big chances to reach its goals; in fact, it has already started doing so.

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